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Sandee Trella, Receptionist


  • 1972 Bachelor of Science, Eastern Michigan University.
    Certification to teach K-8, all subjects, K-12 Special Education.
  • 1981 Early Childhood endorsement completed. Eastern Michigan University


  • Worked as a Special Education teacher with Livingston Educational Service Agency from July 1976 – June, 2010.
  • Taught mentally/physically challenged young adults (1976-77) & toddlers (1977-84).
  • Teacher of an Early Childhood Program from 1984-2007.
  • Worked as a Teacher/Family Service Coordinator in Early OnĀ from 2007 until my retirement in 2010.


  • I love gardening, reading, travel, knitting, cooking and having the ability to spend time with and enjoy my family and friends!